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Our legal team reviews each and every request, regardless of type, and we frequently push back when a request appears to be overly broad or doesnt follow the correct process.
Servers around the world For example, we operate data centers located around the world to help keep our products continuously available for users.
When they integrate our services, these sites and apps share information with.For example, you may see ads for things like "Cooking annonce rencontres sexe and Recipes" or "Air Travel.Google services, you may be asked to choose whether you want to see personalized ads from ad providers, including.If you shopped on an advertiser's website, for example, they can use that visit information to show you ads.This feature shows you information about recent activity in Gmail, such as the IP addresses that accessed your mail, the associated location, and the date and time of access.
Terms and conditions, warning: Installing a factory image will erase all data from the device, and unlocking the bootloader will make your device less secure.
Learn more detect abuse When we detect spam, malware, illegal content, and other forms of abuse on our systems in violation of our policies, we may disable your account or take other appropriate action.
For example, we collect information about views and interactions with ads so we can provide aggregated reports to advertisers, like telling them whether we served their ad on a page and whether the ad was likely seen by a viewer.Application data cache An application data cache is a data repository on a device.For example, unique identifiers stored in cookies help sites display content in your browser in your preferred language.It can, for example, enable a web application to run without an internet connection and improve the performance of the application by enabling faster loading of content.Third parties For example, we process your information to report use statistics to rights holders about how their content was used in our services.You can also learn how ads are personalized, opt out of ad personalization, and block specific advertisers.For example, desktop computers, tablets, smart speakers, and smartphones are all considered devices.Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates.Google or one of our partners and include phones, cameras, vehicles, wearables, and televisions.For example, if you have searches stored in your Web App Activity, the Google app can show you news articles and other information about your interests, like sports scores, based your activity.IP address Every device connected to the Internet is assigned a number known as an Internet protocol (IP) address.Advertising and research services on their behalf For example, advertisers may upload data from their loyalty-card programs so that they can better understand the performance of their ad campaigns.Google and on our partners sites and apps.