This order has the advantage of course of not mixing songs from the two periods.
Throughout there are subtle juxtapositions of key, metre and tempo to provide contrast and relief, except where the composer wishes to suggest a link when certain songs seem to glide into each other.
This is the way the composer carefully planned to present his work to posterity.
Adam Yates a remporté la cinquième étape de Tirreno-Adriactico, dimanche, à Filottrano, la ville de Michele Scarponi, décédé le Le Britannique de l'équipe Mitchelton-Scott a attaqué à 4km de l'arrivée, n'a pas été inquiété et a tenu bon pour décrocher sa première victoire.The people depicted in Heyses collection are atoms of society, part of a bustling and vibrant community, yet somehow anonymous in that their behaviour in love or when angry, spiteful, or laughing is archetypal, as femme cherche jeune amant à bogota repetitive and inevitable as life itself.Only once, or possibly twice, does the composer permit them to address each other directly.George - Woldya Kenema 3:1 14:00Welwalo Adigrat - Dedebit 1:0 16:30Defence Force - Jimma Kenema -:- europe: Euro U19 - Femmes - 2ème Tour 17:00Grèce -19 F - Islande -19 F 0:2 17:00Pologne -19 F - Norvège -19 F 0:1 europe: Coupe du Monde.The second Italian set has a different mood and certainly a different style of piano accompaniment.His relationships with publishers were fraught with difficulty precisely because he was so punctilious about the exact pagination of his music.The banalities of mere story-telling are transcended by a scenario which needs no lighting because it is brilliantly lit from within; it needs no mise-en-scène because it is bound together by the variety and unpredictability of life itself.
This has been encouraged by the publication of a Wolf handbook by Edition Peters in which various running orders are suggested, and by the late Erik Werba who also concocted and published a number of different sequences, some of which have been recorded.
And as a result of the composer entering into the spirit of these words in the most profound way, there is in this combination of music and poetry a timelessness which places the work far beyond the realms of nineteenth-century song and Italian pastiche.
The absence of a performing tradition of the Italienisches Liederbuch in the composers own lifetime has given later performers carte blanche in deciding a performing order for the songs.
The work is about patterns of life ever changing, and yet ever the same.The hatching of a work like this on a stop-go basis with gaps of years and a sudden deluge of creativity is highly fascinating.The intense human activity of an Italian village is mirrored by a parade of the tiniest and most subtle musical devices and inflections seemingly with lives of their own, and with the sophistication and the inevitability of living organisms.I am extremely grateful to him now, however, because he showed us that, in terms of his own music, Wolf knew best.His relationship with singers (whom he regarded as mostly stupid) was always tense because he demanded absolute fidelity to his intentions.As the work is usually given with an interval, it seems only wise to allow those twenty minutes to stand for the five-year gap between the two groups of songs.Of the cast of three, the pianist is rooted firmly to the spot, hopefully in front of a better instrument than could ever be found in an Italian village, and the other two alternate in song without ever combining their voices in duet.Presenting an evening like this shows the cycle as work in progress, bo rencontres d'après minuit but I remain convinced that the best order for a recording is the composers own.De Deportes - Ayacucho 1:1 01:15Melgar - Sport Boys 2:2 RÉpublique dominicaine: LDF 00:00Cibao - Delfines Del Este 1:0 SUÈDE: Superettan 19:00Värnamo - Jonkopings 0:1 SUÈDE: Division 2 - Västra Götaland 19:00Högaborgs - Olympic 1:2 SUÈDE: Division 2 - Södra Svealand 19:00Motala - Sleipner 2:3.I confess to one departure from this which I think has a certain musicological validity.It seems a mistake, for reasons outlined above, to attempt to operaticize Wolfs cycle (it has been staged in American music colleges more than once but it is also important to acknowledge that the cycle is in fact two separate works, one completed in 1891.

For each of the two books Wolf chooses a wonderful motto song, and for each of them a high-spirited virtuoso finish.
Une sorte de vengeance pour son frère, Simon, qui a perdu Paris-Nice un peu plus tôt.
Yates, quatrième du Tour de France 2016 et neuvième du Giro 2017, remporte là l'une des plus belles victoires de sa carrière, à 25 ans.