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Online Store / Shop - Internet service available at m through which a customer site de rencontre 100 gratuit 45 can purchase goods from the Seller.8 of the Act of on electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002.The amount of this cost may depend on selected by the customer method of delivery and payment method chosen by the customer (eg.It is prohibited to transfer or make available by the Customer illegal content or infringe the rights of third parties.Goods returned by the Customer shall be packaged in a suitable manner, to ensure no damage during transport.All information contained on the website store, relating to the Goods (including prices does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art.Goods - movable items presented in the Online Shop, which may be the subject of a contract of sale.Seller is not responsible for transactions made by unauthorized third parties who may have access to the Customer's account in the store as a result of the loss or disclosure by the Customer's login or password to this account.If the sold product has a defect, the Client may make a statement of the request for a price reduction or withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement unless Seller promptly and without undue inconvenience to the customer shall replace the defective product free of defects.Estimated time of delivery of the Goods by the carrier to a maximum of 2 working days from the day following the date of shipment.In this case, you are required to return the receipt issued.
All prices of goods on the website Store: a) are given in Polish zloty, euro, US dollars, pounds sterling (currencies other than PLN are translated by daily rate in the Polish National Bank) b) include VAT, c) information on delivery costs is provided next.
D) use of the services offered by the Seller without major inconvenience to other Customers and to the Seller, with respect to their personal rights (including the right to privacy) and others of their rights.
When assessing these costs are taken into account the value of the Goods free from defects, the nature and the importance of the defect, and also takes into account the inconvenience to which would subject the customer otherwise meet.
B) not taking actions to acquire possession of classified information held by the Seller.The customer can withdraw from the Purchase Agreement if the defect is irrelevant.The customer can opt to receive, given by him the e-mail address or phone number, business information derived from the Seller, the possibility of using automated calling systems for direct marketing purposes in accordance with art.Is not suitable for the purpose for which the customer has informed the Seller upon conclusion of the contract, and the seller did not raise objections to that.The products are delivered to the indicated address in the Polish Republic.