Skittles, your favorite absurdist candy brand takes a classic suburban romance tactic (throwing stones at your sweethearts window) and turns the Rubiks Cube a few times until everyones having a midnight snack on the Skittle-throwers dime.
Coca-Cola - "The Wonder of Us" Coke's ad promotes the diversity of its brand and products and links that to the diversity of its customers, aiming for a message of unity and inclusion.
Collectively ejaculates off screen.Doritos Mountain Dew - Blaze.One could argue that Miller Lite sort of saves itself in the end by cutting to two boneheaded guys as the ones behind the idiotic commercial concept.The first season, which will be eight episodes, also stars Wendell Pierce The Wire.Monster - "You Deserve Better" Monster (the headphones company, not the energy drink je cherche une femme seule colombie or job website) made its Super Bowl debut on Sunday with this ad featuring Iggy Azalea, who is the brand's new spokesperson, and star RiceGum.
Pringles - "Wow pringles in enlisting Bill Hader to say "wow" a bunch as he finds out that you can stack Pringles chips on top of each other to create new flavors.
Its 2015 Super Bowl ad has already been banned for its treatment of a puppy.
Instead, the company put a focus on their efforts to fund childhood cancer research and how buying a Hyundai can make an impact.
HBO - "Westworld Season 2 trailer" Season 1 of HBO's "Westworld" was a hit, so much so that the cable network was willing to go in on their first Super Bowl ad in 20 years to promote the series' Season 2 trailer.
After traveling backwards in time, Tyler steps out of the car to an onrushing crowd of adoring fans, but the commercial cuts short before they are shown to be horrified by his freaky CGI'd face.
But last night the New England Patriots made a historic comeback, toppling the Atlanta Falcons in overtime.
What do beer advertisers think men like even more than hot women?Gerber Ghostrike Punch Fixed Blade Tactical Knife.5" Drop Point.Wix - "Rhett Link" With SquareSpace making big moves behind the star power of Keanu Reeves, Wix decided to snag a last-minute Super Bowl ad slot.The generic wine you drink in college because its cheap rips off the advertising tropes of the generic beer you drink in college because its cheap.During the Super Bowl, we finally got an explanation - it was all part of a very sneaky tourism campaign for Australia.The 2011 contract ad featured Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels being forced to serve as GoDaddy spokeswomen while, presumably, naked.Amazon's streaming service, Prime Video, will have its first-ever Super Bowl ad this year, and it will promote the new series "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan." The show will star John Krasinski The Office in the titular role, making him the fifth actor to take.Its funny, but the tagline Its hard to be an eco warrior, but its easy to drive like one.